summer-spring pants

April 17, 2012

My design journey in this project goes back to the reversible pants made by Lier¬†of Ikat Bag (…also it’s today that I realised that the pants are actually not reversible but pants with cuffs.). Anyway, Lier is one craft person that I respect…like really respect. I love the honesty in her craft and her person…

So, back to the design process.

I had bought the fabric (December of 2010) with a pant for Uvi in mind and then all of summer-spring 2011 we were in a flux. Finally, this March I could not hold myself.

First and foremost requirement of the project was an adjustable waist. And I had run out of the adjustable-waistband-elastic.

Added the waistband tabs and buttons to address this requirement.

Another requirement was adjustable height. Want to let it last for a couple of seasons. Hence, the foldable cuffs at the bottom hem.

The challenge with the trousers- the colours. Searched in vain for a t-shirt to match with it. (obviously did not try hard enough). Patch up a white t-shirt with his favourite – a car. I just googled car applique images and free-hand drew a car. Then just did the usual appliqueing motions.

I am extremely happy with the outcome and so is the boy. Absolutely thrilled.

And this is Uvi capturing the proof