A note on Books (almost all )read/reading since December 2008!

Outliers (Aug 2009)

Another good fantastic read. Has troubled me since I picked it up. Makes me wonder about parenting, about success, about my understanding of the world from success vs. failure. Great insight into the success-process. Convinces the mathematically-inclined in me.

Huge take for me from a parenting angle. Be it the fact about 10,000 hours or about geniuses or culture code or rice vs. wheat fileds. Still at it. Wish could read it in one sitting. Finished is last night and loved every word of it. I would rate it as one of my imprint books. What an amazing collation of information.

What I Wish I Knew When I was 20 (Aug 2009)

A mouthful for a title but gives a good gist of the book. Has been three days since I started and look forward to my nightly read. Have resolved to read a chapter a day so that I can absorb some of it. Ooozing with ideas!

Good read. May inspire me to do something more in life.

Awesome banter. Simply written profound/cliched thoughts and ideas. A must read for all ages and a must gift for a 20-odd-year old.

Wild Fire (July 2009)

One of the 9/11 novels. Could have done without but did read through. Not my kind of a plot.

Snow Wolf (July 2009)

Fun going back to my Ken Follet days.

The White Tiger (June 2009)

Waiting for it to gain momentum…BTW just started.

Great read. Just loved it. A very vivid potrayal of the India scene.

Tick Tock Man (June 2009)

Time pass read on bomb disposal professionals.

Nudge (May 2009)

Great read! Libertarian Paternalism is an interesting thought and a POV on POVs.

Enjoying it enough to not put it down after a long day of sight seeing. Let’s see how far it goes…with me shelving two books in this quarter.

Itching to use the concept of “choice architecture” in parenting. Just reached the chapter where there are pointers on when, where and how to use this. Waiting to get back to the book.

Why Beautiful People Have More Daughters (May 2009)

Almost on the same line as “Predictably Irrational” but then not really up to it! I guess should have taken a break from psychology before starting this.

Talks about “Evolutionary psychology” as an emerging topic and the various everyday aspects of human behaviour which can be attributed to evolution. A good read but could have been better.

On second thoughts…CAN”T read it any more! Shelved!

Predictably Irrational (Apr 2009)

Fantastic read. Dan Ariely has a great style of writing. What could have been a dry topic – actually no topic-has been handled with loads of humour.

Decoy effect has a big take for me. In the future I should be a more rational decision maker.

Also, I need to be rereading the adventures of Tom Sawyer. I had no idea that the stories can be assimilated from an Economics perspective.

On Uvi-tuvi’s mundan we almost crossed social norms to market norms and were about to destroy a relationship. The hairdresser had told us that he would charge for our haircut and not Uvi-tuvi’s since it was a special occasion for us. We wanted to pay him for his services, in any case. So Dadda gave him around 20% more than the said cost stating that it was for the Mundan. The hairdresser was absolutely offended and was in the process of returning the money when we saved the situation by saying that it was for the job well-done for us. He was delighted!

I am delighted to have a take from the book and use it the same day when I read it!

Burning Man, Black Rock Dessert, Nevada  is a must visit to see “social norms” in action.

The chapter “Influence of Arousal” must help me become a better parent.

…to make informed decisions we need to somehow experience and understand the emotional state we will be in at the other side of the experience…

Keeping doors open is a great chapter on having options open and why we should not.

Babyhood (Mar2009)

Humour. Haven’t read too much as yet. Have a funny feeling that I have read it before or dejavu.

It has been shelved. Seems like reading our life.

Complications- A Surgeon’s Notes On An Imperfect Science (March 2009)

When I picked up the book the other night, I balked. Did I want to read a book which will make me question the Medical profession? But, then had loved “Better” by the same author (Atul Gawande).

It is a fast and interesting read.

To quote the intro

“Medicine is …a strange & in many ways a disturbing business. …We drug people, put needles and tubes into them, manipulate their chemistry, biology & physics, lay them unconscious & open up their bodies…is how messy, uncertain, & also surprising medicine turns out to be.”

Wondering,…about stuff…about medicine!

One take – Morbidity & Mortaliy Conference-WOW  Best practice

Understanding “pain” better.

Now I know why I blushed incontrollably-“pathological blushing”. From the chapter “Crimson Tide”

“…one fears blushing, blushes, and then blushes at being so embarrased abot blushing…”

Chapter-The Man Who Couldn’t Stop Eating-This one makes me wonder about my eating habits-both quality & quantity.

I am an enlightened AND a  scared patient now!

Art of Possibility (Feb-Mar 2009)

This was a very thought provoking read. Am aiming to use this in my parenting pursuits and relationships in general.

Must write some bullet points about the book here. More on that later

Silos, Politics & Turf Wars (Feb 2009)

A business fable.

Did I need to read it now? No.

Will I need it later? Maybe.

Did I like reading it? Yes.

Brick Lane (Feb 2009)


Do not care much for the style of writing but like the story…hmmm if that is possible?

Annabel Karmel’s – Complete Baby & Toddler Meal Planner (Dec 2008…)

Currently my ready reckoner for planning Uvi-tuvi’s first tastes and meals.

Just love it!

A more confident “feeding” mom.

Must mention the dislikes here when they come up!

Actually have a ready dislike-Cream of Broccoli.

Tried Butternut Squash & Pear (Mar 24). He loved it.

Chicken Soup, Apple Pear & Apricot and Sweet Potato chicken (April)

Current favourite – Lentils & Sweet Potato and Spinach, peas & sweet potato-(May 4)

Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problem (Jan 2009)

My life saver … actually my sleeper saviour.

365 Things That Every New Mom Should Know (2008-09)

My every day read – almost everyday!

A Whole New Mind (Nov-Dec 2009)

A very interesting book on understanding left & right brain, and honing right brain thinking.

Must write some bullet points here. Will do!


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