G for Giraffe

January 8, 2012

One of the sources of inspiration for kids clothing is their school. Some time back when Scooby was doing the life cycle of the butterfly, I had made this . Before that  was the Lola dress. Scooby had also enjoyed The Very Hungry Caterpillar t-shirt, which started as her b’day t-shirt and ended up being used for class-room reading sessions.

Moving on…Uvi loves Nursery rhymes. I am sure he does not open his month in the class but at home, it never closes. The school had been doing “Animal Friends” as a unit for a couple of months now. Out of the dozen rhymes taught to them, his favourite rhyme is

G,  g for the giraffe,

I like his long long long neck too.

But what I like the best.

Very, very best

Are the big brown spots all through

Are the big brown spots all through.

(Don’t miss the “very, very best”)

In honour of the rhyme

The man refuses to model.

I used the image from his favourite book “Ha, Ha Giraffe”.

Photo copied the image that I liked. Enlarged it to 200%. Copied it onto a tracing sheet. Removed the clutter keeping applique in view. Then followed the basic applique technique.

He loves it. Very satisfying.

This was also my first attempt at adjustable waistband elastic.

Happy with the result and the technique. Must do a tute sometime.


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