a nice frock

May 20, 2011

Written the post sometime in April, made the frock sometime in Feb or March. 

I had picked up this fabric from the discount bin  a year back and did not know what to do with it. In fact after the winter break I have not gotten around to sewing anything. So when I opened the fabric cupboard, I experienced “sewer’s block”. I could not function and immediately closed the cupboard to think. I decided to work backwards than I normally do. I decided to design and then look for an appropriate fabric. Obviously did not document the steps. Needed something to break the print and checks with the bias binding (used as a pipe-in was great) looked great.

Added the tulle for that extra bounce. Did not add all the way to the top. Just the hem of the lining. I am so very happy with the result. Let me not tell you about the runner slidding out of the runner, or me having to chop off the neck more than I would have liked or me not giving enough allowance on the bodice for attaching the zipper and now the dress may not last till next summer

Did change the button to a plain yellow and the flower as a brooch. Will update when the model co-operates.


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