Tutorial: Leggings to Socks

April 30, 2011

That’s what happens when you buy a pair of stockings a size too small and then trawl the net to chance on somebody who refashioned stockings to socks and then quickly forget where you saw the tute and then struggle to make your own.


Step 1:-Need a pair of stocking old/thrifty/wrong size and a purpose.

Do remember to take pictures before cutting, if you want.Step 2:-Measure the desired length from the model and chop off the stocking from the leg side. Chop off the waistband around 1 cm below the waist attach seam.

Step 3:- Cut the waistband in half to make band for both the feet.

Step 4:- Join the leg opening band to make a round. I used zig zag stitch and overlapped the edges instead of keeping the right sides together to reduce the bulk.

Step 5:- Join the band to the sock using zig zag stitch

Step 6:- And Ta-da

Make in all sizes and as many as you want. Better still buy the right size


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