uniform skirt and a blouse

January 16, 2011

I have been dieing to make a pure cross-backed-check-pleated skirt for Scooby for a long time. And then when I did get around to making it, I could not not make a white school-blouse to go with it.

The Front

The back

(Don’t ask me why the hands are crossed in front of the picture. Photo shoots drain me)

The blouse with pin tucks in front and back, Peter Pan collar edged with lace, pearl button, cut and sew placket with lace edging and gathered sleeves. … Yes and this point I expect an applause 🙂

Figuring out the pattern was the fun part. I used the basic pattern from the Lola dress. I have used this pattern before to make a long-sleeved smocked dress earlier in the season.

The technique was the same in both. Created the pin-tucks on three pices of fabric approximated width using the width of the pattern and the pin-tucks needed. Placed the pattern on the pin-tucked fabric and used the scissors. Worked well. For the puff sleeves created more give at shoulder high point. And tada!

Achieved the look that I had visualised.

Must confess that the blouse costed me a bomb-all of CHF 24.30. Not considering the number of hours I spent on it and agonising over it. Anyway loved the result. It’s just took me ages to post it. Made it in Nov. Scooby wore it in December and am able to post it in January. At this rate I will post only 1/3 of what I make.


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