quick update

September 8, 2010

Some of my recent projects

1. Scooby calls it her “swimming dress”

An easy-peasy gathered dress with tie on straps and elastic at the chest for ease of wear (and to last for another season). Gathered the full width of the fabric and added chest band (like a waist band) and added elastic. Stiched it into a tube. Added tie-on straps and hemmed it.

Scooby loved to slip into it on our swimming days together. Good fun for summer with this one.

Would love to do one again next year.

2. Basic-sleeveless tops for self

Used an existing top as the base and drafted the bodice. Modified the length and neck to my requirement and quick tops with Indian-ensemble or jeans or skirts.

3. Uvi’s Birthday inspiration pants

A pair of adult sleeves and a pair of panty-shaped patch. And, of-course, some elastic.

Ta-da- the finshed pants

This was a fun project. I had the pair of sleeves from my preggie top. Had used the body for Scooby’s frock last summer.

4. Pin cushion for pinning while sewing, drafting, cutting, etc.

5. Scooby’s t-shirt dress

A t-shirt, fabric of choice, a scissor, a sewing machine and a girl is all it takes to make this easy dress.

I bought the fabric frst and then looked for a plain t-shirt. Chopped off the t-shirt at bodice level. Made a tiered skirt and added it to the t-shirt bodice. Added a ruffled flower for the sake of it.

Options are endless.

BTW, took me all of two and half months to post it. Had made it for Scooby’s last day at EY2.


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