crochet restarted!

March 15, 2010

I have been thinking of doing some crochet since I saw this pattern at Made by K. It was so downright gorgeous that I pleaded for the pattern. But, I am sorry K, did not get down to doing it! I regret. Winters would be over anytime soon. But this is a definite on my to-do list for next winter.

In the meantime I did get some red crochet yarn and did a couple of these


Can’t find the heart pattern. Copied it on a graph and forgot to bookmark it.

The pineapples are from here. Anyway Scooby insists that these are not pinapples but fish in a queue. I am not arguing-kind of agree with her.

The heart gave me an idea to make this

A small change pouch for a friend’s b’day. Added a little edging and increased the pattern all around.

Added these in the pouch

Had to put the stamp for authenticity. Don’t want it to be misused!

Good fun.

Now must think of some serious crochet. Thought would make a shawlette for spring. But got the wrong yarn. Anyway for another day and time!


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