busy book update

March 6, 2010

For the past year I have been drooling over all the great quiet/busy books on the blogosphere. I have been wondering why didn’t get around to doing one forScooby.

Anyway. I had been waiting for Uvi to turn 18 months old before I could gift him one. Scooby has been excited through the proces. Even if Uvi doesn’t get excited about it, the effort is all worth Scooby’s enthusiasm.

In particular, I have been inspired by Jill of homemadebyjill and the Packer family oflittlehandsbigwork for this book! Thanks guys for doing a great job and then sharing it ith all of us!

Cover Page

Removable shapes and numbers with a pocket for the pieces

Fish bowl-counting

Sea life, with pocket in the water for the pieces.

Know your name

Scooby could not wait for more pages to be added. The wait was just too much.

BTW, nobody mentioned that this takes a whole lot of effort! I guess, anything for the kids!


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