doodle to T-shirt

September 17, 2009

With the onset of Autumn we went long-sleeves t-shirt shopping one weekend and ended up buying a whole lot of plain ones.  Love to work on them.

And Scooby had doodled all afternoons most of her summer vacations.

Some of her drawings-

A sunflower and a bird


and on a white t-shirt


Next picture that I used is my favourite- a self portrait of Scooby complete with a crown, a wand and a heart

and the t-shirt.


Just traced out the drawing as is and copied it on the t-shirt and embroidered it with a stem stitch or a chain stitch or a french knot!

One way of preserving Scooby’s art for little longer!


2 Responses to “doodle to T-shirt”

  1. rksuri Says:

    a good start

  2. i stopped by to find your email address, then knew I had to leave a quick comment about the cuteness of these shirts. I’ve seen similar things done before and have thought about having my girls do soemthing like this, just haven’t gotten around to actually doing it yet. so very cute these shirts are!!!

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