teddy bear B'day

September 4, 2009

A low down on Uvi-tuvi’s B’day …

Scooby was given a choice of a “My Teddy Bear” or a “You are my sunshine” b’day parties for Uvi. She chose the teddy bear theme.

We did the Bear Paw invites. I got the basic picture from some random image search result, used the pre-made cards, cut out the shape and then added some brown felt to add texture.

The invite read

bear paws

Dear Big Sibling,

It’s my teddy bear, Uvi’s, First B’day. We are having a Teddy Bear party. Please bring your teddy bear, little one, along.



Next was party favours.

Used this template to make the stuffed teddy bearss for the little ones. The expressions were Scooby’s idea.

stuffed ones

And some butter cookies for them to munch on. All the little ones are into finger food. But a very messy idea i.e making cookies. Did not know making it would be so tedious?

Butter Cookies

I had thought of making a small hand-puppet kit for the four-year-olds so that they could make it themselves. But realised later that the felt was too hard for the blunt sewing needles. So ended up making these myself using the above template.

hand puppets

We found some Teddy Bear party favour bags for first b’day(don’t have a picture) and added some candy for the big ones and cookie bag for the little ones with their respective teddies.

Made a b’day banner with the above pattern by printing it out on coloured paper and sewing it together. Wrote with glue followed by sprinkling with glitter.


Made Teddy Bear dungarees with light weight denim and red/white checks. Used fabric covered buttons for the eyes and felt for the nose. Embroidered the mouth. Used a white body-suit to match the dungarees by adding bows on the sleeves.


Made popcorn and juice glasses with the same paw pattern as the invites. Just printed it and stuck it on the glasses.

Paw glasses

Decorated the table with some wooden and plastic blocks and streamers.

Next the activities-

We planned activities only for the older ones. Would have loved to do something for Moms and tots but with the staggered inflow of guests could not.

The older ones decorated the Teddy Bear cookies for themselves and their parents using sugar solution as glue and cake decorations.

decored cookiesIt’s was surprising to see that the girls did not think of making the facial expression. They were just interested in loading the bear. Anyway, good fun.

And we printed out some Teddy Bear print-ables for colouring.

The kids were more than happy playing with the helium balloons


For the record, served a variety of sandwiches -Bear Cheese, egg,vegetable with white sauce and Tabasco, Pav Bhaji, Paneer and cheese butter puff pastries, chat cups using croustands and Ice cream.

Finally the cake

cakeI didn’t do it. I do learn from my mistakes.

Good fun doing this


8 Responses to “teddy bear B'day”

  1. NANS CHN Says:

    looks like a fabulous paarty. how did Uvi react to it. was he interested or not? the dangries look very nice.
    I didn’t know you could work this hard. GREAT! PROUD OF YOU MAMA.

  2. jo Says:

    Your hard work shows! loved the teddies…Scooby’s idea for the theme was good and so was the result…I loved his dungarees! 🙂

  3. jo Says:

    …and the cutout of the paws on the glasses was a brilliant idea….gr8 imagination!

  4. Masi Says:

    Munmun, you are amaaazing….I am so proud of you! Must have been some birthday party…
    I am sure all the kids enjoyed it as much as you worked hard to put it together.



  5. Poonam Says:

    Only you could have done it
    how did you manage it with two of them
    I am glad that you still have the energy and determination to do such things
    Scooby must have loved
    Did Uvi understand something

  6. what a cute cute party! all the little touches are so fun.

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