travel colouring kit

August 24, 2009

DSC01098It was Scooby’s “close” friend’s b’day over the weekend.

I decided to make a travel colouring kit for the b’day girl. She is an art creating five year old. The inspiration for this was drawn from all the weekend travelling that we did during the summers and the chat-up with the mom. Scooby is always looking for something hard to colour on. She wants to colour on a paper and not a book  and the colour pencils have to have to fall a few hundred times.

This colouring kit has stiff backs which are removable for washing, pockets for long and short writing/colouring stationery. Pocket for extra paper and a paper clip to hold the paper in place. We had included some sketch pens and colouring pencils, a few sheets of coloured paper and a Hello Kitty pencil with eraser. It was personalised with the B’day girl’s name.



One Response to “travel colouring kit”

  1. Aru Says:

    I loved the kit…!

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