another first

July 29, 2009

DSC00848I made a pair of trousers for Uvi yesterday. Then tinkered with it today to get what we have now.

Last Saturday was my day out fabric shopping. In the discount bin I had found a good stretchy cords-albeit only 30 cm. A basic trouser for Uvi needs a minimum of 42cm. (This I know after I made the pattern on Sunday). Anyway, I dug into my fabric stash and added the letters and the contrast hem.DSC00850 Don’t talk about the size – one size too big. Not complaining since too hot for anything other than bodies.

Now I know that I will not be buying any more trousers for Uvi…hopefully not. I think I have cracked the pattern and will alter as per design requirement. (I had to actually “crack” the pattern since all my pattern-making books and cheat sheets are back home 😦 )

A few learnings:

* plan the patch in advance. difficult to sew with the in-seam sewed up.

* do not ask Dadda for his opinion after the product is over. He may have a suggestion that you can’t overlook.

* don’t forget to have a cup of tea in between. You may be snapping at children eating your sewing peddle and breathing down your neck.


One Response to “another first”

  1. NANS CHN Says:

    nothing matters, but Uvi enjoys when he wears it. or it won’t matter anyway.
    A good job, as I can see it in the picture.
    Three cheers to mama, for making something out of 36 which needs to be 42. wow some skills.

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