finally a diaper bag

July 14, 2009

and clutch for my baby. 

I could not get around to buying a diaper bag for Uvi-tuvi. I guess not my style. Also with Scooby had realised that, for all practical purposes, a diaper-diaper bag is just not required and was using a largish purse. Not that it looked great…

Had bookmarked a great spring bag  at My Spare Time  some-time back. Did not get around to making it for when it was intended – spring. Last week on my day out with Uvi-tuvi I found this fabulous table cloth. Must confess that I have a weakness for stripes – guess comes from my “Madras Yarn-dyed” connection. 

And the table cloth is history


 Had bought matching placemat to make this diaper clutch- DSC00699DSC00700





My first bag!


One Response to “finally a diaper bag”

  1. NANS CHN Says:

    God mun so much stripes.
    well I am impressed with the bags all of them.
    and wen u r thro’ with them, keep them for me.
    keep it up.
    If I can lay hands on any of the stripes in future, be sure they r for you.
    I wish I could connect to earlier.

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