after ages…

July 8, 2009

…I did anything resembling “embroidery” or “surface embellishment”- on a camera bag/cover. This project took me all of one month and 5 days. With Scooby’s summer vacations there seems to be no time at all. All of last week was swimming camp. For that I needed to be by her side and then a few more hours of fun. This week is summer camp and hence three hours of “my” time. And could finally complete it.

cop1I had received the camera from Dadda on my birthday- must mention that I have been craving for a camera which I could carry on me (hang from the neck), just like a cell phone, to capture the little moments of our kiddos life.

The biggest gift was that the camera came without a cover! While handing it over to me Dadda mentioned that he did not get the cover since he thoughts “you could do a better job”. His way of saying “get moving, lady!”

Must confess that the project was almost from scraps except the hook and D-ring. The piping from Scooby’s graduation dress and the bag itself from the legs of the jeans left over from the skirt project. DSC00677The embroidery was inspired by craftlog.

I was quite happy with the outcome, especially when I got this picture of Uvi-tuvi the same day since I could carry the camera (and the keys) without carrying a purse.



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