long sleeves to halter top

July 3, 2009

Being in die Schweiz, the kids’ wardrobes are full of long -sleeves t-shirts, which become small by the next winter/autumn/spring season…yeah, yeah, we get the kids to wear them off and there is no life left in these t-shirts any more!

OK, OK, we bought a few long sleeves t-shirts for Scooby in Feb which she outgrew by march. Now “outgrew” means that the sleeves ride up, but everything else fits her great. I decided to do some refashioning and added some “tops” to Scooby’s summer wardrobe.

What you need- A full sleeves T-shirt


and a scissor to do a lot of cutting


and, a little bit of elastic and cord. Elastic for the back and the cord for the neck.

Don’t forget the sewing machine and thread.


Ta, da!!!!!!

A brand new grament. Don’t forget to check out the latest hairstyle-plaits! (Scooby refuses to sport any other style.)

The idea is from cut out + keep . Fabulous place to dig out sewing ideas.


3 Responses to “long sleeves to halter top”

  1. Aru Says:

    that’s a fabulous and smart top!!

  2. neetu Says:

    what a brilliant idea!!!!!wl implement on suhani’s tee asap!

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