My sewing machine is out-I have a life!

April 5, 2009

I have always believed that sewing is meditative. And for that reason alone, I have sewn for a long time. On the side, it also feeds the “creator” monster in me.

I remember when we initially set up our home, the sewing machine was third on the list of gadgets to be bought, after the fridge and the grinder. So as soon as I had an appointment letter for a new job in a new city with a new husband (also the only one) I went on an afternoon of sewing machine hunt.

Initially, I would do an occasional “kurti” or some curtains or cushion covers or something just to keep the machine oiled and my sanity intact. After Scooby was born, it became a little more intensive. I guess needed to meditate more. Not because the beautiful baby was a handful but because it was difficult to be a 24×7 mom and was too embarrassed to ask a tailor to make me an outfit (outrageous size). Later the reason was to dress up the girl with my creations and to preen on both my creations. Much later it was also for Scooby’s friends albeit at a cost.

Since we landed in die Schwiez I was too busy doing the urgent things that I did not get around to my “meditation” for the past two years. Since we moved closer to the school I have tons of time/energy and started THE job last week. Now I can say …I have a life!

My first effort was inspired by a blog-applehead that I chanced upon a few days back and now have added to my google reader.

So I took Scooby’s old pair of jeans (still fits well on the waist), img_5495

chopped it, went to Ikea and spent CHF 2.87 img_5496

and this resulted after an hour of sewing.


I had not realised that an important part of my life was missing!


2 Responses to “My sewing machine is out-I have a life!”

  1. snand Says:

    difficult to decide..who is prettier? the dress or the one wearing it..

  2. neetu Says:

    yeah .. I witnessed the euphoria surrounding yr first sewing m/c at blore…. even remember the curtains u stitched.way to go girl!!

    the curtains which you made

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